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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is a natural state that can be used to help people during a hypnotherapy session. We all go into a 'hypnotic state' or 'hypnotic trance' at least a few times each day. For example, the moments between being awake and asleep are actually the same as being in hypnosis. When I hypnotise you during our hypnotherapy session, your conscious mind will 'take a back seat', allowing me to speak directly to your subconscious mind. This is where all change happens. We all have a subconscious mind, and it is our subconscious mind's job to help us. For example, sometimes when we drive a familiar route, we consciously 'zone out', and our subconscious mind keeps us driving safely without even needing to think about driving. Pretty cool, right?
  • What does hypnosis feel like?
    For the majority of people, hypnosis feels very relaxing. Some of my hypnotherapy clients say it feels similar to meditation, others think it is more like being super relaxed at a spa. You are aware of what is happening around you, but you will mostly be focusing on what I am saying to you, or asking you to imagine. Being in hypnosis gives you a chance to 'switch off' from daily stresses and worries. In fact, many of my clients come back for extra sessions, just because they love the feeling of being in hypnosis so much!
  • Is hypnosis safe?
    As long as you are seeing a well-trained professional hypnotherapist, hypnosis is perfectly safe. When you join me for a hypnotherapy session, you are definitely in safe hands!
  • Can anyone be hypnotised?
    Yes, anyone can be hypnotised, assuming the hypnotherapist is well-trained. There are many different ways to hypnotise people, and different approaches work better for some clients. Unfortunately, some hypnotherapists are only taught one way to hypnotise, or worse, they rely on reading a 'hypnosis script' to hypnotise their clients. When choosing a hypnotherapist, make sure that they don't use scripts, because hypnosis scripts are usually very basic, and aren't designed to cater for individual clients needs. A hypnotherapy session needs to be bespoke, designed for you and your needs! As a professional hypnotherapist, I am an expert in a range of different hypnosis approaches. This means I'm able to tailor the hypnosis process to each client for the best possible results, and all without needing a script!
  • Is hypnosis the same as sleep?
    Hypnosis is not the same as sleep, although some hypnotherapists do use the word 'sleep' during their hypnotherapy sessions. This is because being in hypnosis can feel quite similar to how it feels when you are going to sleep, and that moment in between awake and asleep. When asleep, you aren't conscious of what is going on around you, and you can't move and respond, whereas in hypnosis, you are aware and you can move. In fact, during my hypnotherapy sessions, I will often ask you to talk to me whilst hypnotised. If you were asleep, then that just wouldn't work!
  • How does hypnotherapy work?
    Hypnotherapy works by bypassing your conscious mind, and delivering hypnotic suggestions directly to your subconscious mind. Hypnosis allows people to accept suggestions on a deeper level, without conscious resistance. That is why hypnotherapy often requires fewer sessions than other talking therapies and counselling. During our hypnotherapy session in King's Lynn, I will use a range of hypnotherapy approaches designed to help you overcome problems and to reach your goal. From direct hypnotic suggestions through to metaphors and powerful hypnosis techniques, my tried-and-tested hypnotherapy sessions will get you to where you want to be!
  • Is hypnotherapy a magic miracle cure?
    Unfortunately, hypnotherapy isn't magic, nor is it a miracle cure. Hypnotherapy, like any other therapy, is a collaborative process. So, I can't make you change, but I can work with you to help you understand what needs to happen to reach your goals. I can also help you to make reaching your goals easier. Maybe even easier than you think possible! For me, that is pretty magical!
  • Can hypnotherapy make me do something against my will?
    No, hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything that you don't want to do. For example, if a wife asked her husband to come for a hypnotherapy session to stop smoking, but the husband didn't want to stop smoking, then a hypnotherapy session would be unlikely to work for him. In order for hypnotherapy to work, you have to truly want the end result. Similarly, if a hypnotherapist asked you to do something against your will, or something that you were morally opposed to, you would naturally refuse and might even wake yourself up from hypnosis and end the session!
  • Will I remember the hypnotherapy session?
    Most of my clients remember at least some of the hypnotherapy session. Memory is an interesting thing, and some people have better memory than others. So, if you naturally have a very good memory, it is likely that you will remember more of our hypnotherapy session. If you are a little forgetful, then that would likely be the same in hypnosis too. However, anything important that is said during the hypnotherapy session, you will often remember, because it is important to you.
  • What can hypnotherapy help with?
    Hypnotherapy can help with a vast range of different clinical conditions, as well as unwanted physical symptoms, behaviours, thoughts and beliefs. As a solution-focused hypnotherapist, I do not work with the 'label' of the problem, but instead help you to work towards your own individual goal or target. This means, during a hypnotherapy session with me in King's Lynn, I can help you with almost any problem or issue. Hypnotherapy is most commonly used for issues such as; smoking and vaping cessation, weight management, stress reduction, anxiety relief, removing phobias, reducing pain, addressing insomnia, boosting confidence, helping with performances and sport, to name but a few. However, I can also help with most other issues, from reducing allergies, through to hypnosis for pregnancy and giving birth, and even more complex issues such as fibromyalgia and dystonia. So, if you'd like help with an issue or problem that hasn't been specifically mentioned on my website, get in touch with me and we can discuss how I can help you.
  • What happens in a hypnotherapy session?
    Though all of my hypnotherapy sessions are slightly different, and tailored to each individual client, there are a number of things that you can expect to happen when you come for a hypnotherapy session in King's Lynn with me. Firstly, during the start of the session, we will have a chat about what you want to achieve, so that I can get all the relevant information about your problem and goal. Although you will have already given me information in your intake form, I like to clarify things to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for. Next, we'll do a little 'warm up activity', to help you relax, and to show you just how powerful your mind can be. After that, I will hypnotise you, and the rest of the session will be used to deliver powerful hypnotic suggestions to help you reach your desired result. During the hypnosis process, you will be comfortably seated, and have your eyes closed. You will be able to move, and you will know what is happening around you. Think of it as simply a deeply relaxed state, where you are listening to what I am saying to you. At the end of the session, I will bring you out of hypnosis, and we will chat briefly about any 'homework' tasks that would benefit you, and what you can expect to happen next.
  • How long is a hypnotherapy session?
    My hypnotherapy sessions generally last for one hour. As mentioned in the FAQ above, some of this time will be spent out of hypnosis, but the majority of time you will be in hypnosis. In some cases, a longer session may be required (or requested), but this is less common.
  • How many hypnotherapy sessions will I need?
    I am unable to guarantee how many sessions are required for any client, as everyone is different. Some of my clients only need a single session to reach their goal, others come back for between two to four sessions in order to achieve the result they want. Generally, I see clients for a session or two, and usually no more than four sessions. However, for complex issues, more sessions may be required.
  • How much does a hypnotherapy session cost?
    The cost of a hypnotherapy session varies, depending on your chosen hypnotherapist and their expertise and experience. The average price-range for hypnotherapy in Norfolk ranges between around £60-£100 per session. However, when choosing a hypnotherapist, ensure that, as well as factoring in costs, you are looking for someone who is an experienced hypnotherapy practitioner. As with most things, generally if you find a 'budget' option, the service and results are likely to reflect the price! If you'd like more information about the cost of a hypnotherapy session with me in King's Lynn, please get in touch. Let me know what you'd like help with, and I'll get back to you with all the information you need to make your decision.
  • Do you offer remote/online hypnotherapy?
    I do not currently offer online hypnotherapy sessions. Though I am able to perform hypnotherapy online, I prefer to work with clients in person. In-person hypnotherapy sessions tend to be much more effective, as there are less interruptions, and you can join me in a space that is dedicated to helping you reach your goal. With online hypnotherapy, if a client is at home, there is always the potential for interruption. Doors can knock, phones can ring, animals can jump up on laps, and even more commonly, internet connections can be unstable, resulting in disconnection. These are some of the main reasons that an in-person hypnotherapy session is likely to be much more effective and beneficial than an online hypnotherapy session.

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